Kuzu Zangpo and welcome to Bhutan.

In the few decades since Bhutan opened up to the rest of the world, drastic changes have been wrought on her.  However the culture and traditions remain largely as it was at a time when the Bhutanese did not have the internet or TV, or indeed from a time when the kingdom was but a collection of warring valleys under feudal lords willing to work together only against invasions from the Tibetans and Mongols.

While it may not be the last Shangri-la or the ultimate mystic country that it is hyped to be, the juxtaposition of the ancient with the modern makes for an experience of poignant contrasts.

The Flower of Discipline team would like to invite you on a holiday to this nation in transition where you can not only see the Bhutan as she was and as she will be but also be a part of her journey from the depths of history into the modern world. We hope our website provides you with the necessary information and insight into Bhutan and look forward to seeing you here.

Tashi Delek